OaK Innovatica Solutions


We are a Pune based startup helping industrial, commercial and residential consumers to harness the clean energy and get free from grid dependency through our technology-driven solutions. We work in the field of Clean Technologies and Smart Infrastructure Development by combining Energy and Digital World together. Our experience has been picked up by a wide variety of industries; across various geographies, domains, and sizes. In a very short span of time, we have on board 15+ Customer from various domains like – University, Manufacturing, International Schools, Agri Farms, Garment Industries and Hospitals etc.

Our OaK A3 (Acquire>Analyse>Act>) platform manages generations and consumptions of any establishment and optimises energy sources wirelessly based on the real-time demand. We also do customised product development in IOT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based on customers requirements.



Alternative Thinking: Solving problem in a way no one thought before.

Accepting No Limits: We work relentlessly to provide the information & solutions to push the past limitations.

Driving Positive Change: We want to rise not just you but the whole community.