We combine Energy and Digital world together to optimise energy uses and become 100% clean energy dependent organisation.

Enables On-Grid Renewables to work even in power failure condition.

  • Multiple energy sources synchronization
  • Automatically cheaper source selection
  • Generation vs. Consumption auto balancing
  • Energy storage for critical uses
  • Remote monitoring & Auto controlling

Smart PV Solutions

Helping Industries, Commercial Establishments and Educational Campuses to set-up Smart PV plants in their premises to reduce energy expenses and get free from grid dependency.

The investment in Smart photovoltaic systems will allow you in saving power consumption, ensuring 24/7 power supply and providing certainty to future costs.

Captive PV

Don't worry if you have very high energy uses and limited space you're your primes.

We help Industrial and commercial customers to set-up captive PV plant outside the their premises due to lack of free space.

PV Business Models

100% Upfront Cost
  • Avail all government benifits
  • Own your solar assets and energy 25 years free of power
0% Upfront Cost
  • We invest, own and operate the project
  • Pay lower than your grid tariff and enjoy cheaper power for 25 years
Soft Loan Scheme
30% Investment
  • Avail 70% on debt at lower interest rate on 2-5 years of repayment
  • Enjoy clean and free power for 25 years!

Access to clean energy at your fingertips.